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Fed up with overpriced, chemical laden supermarket food?


If you would like the best insurance for your family’s health, with the very best food, grown with love, GM  & PESTICIDE  FREE! – then become a Distributor for the Healing Gardens Cooperative. Or become a regular buyer on our monthly scheme.


Healthy food is the key to longevity

Healthy food is the key to longevity

 Sign up for our distributorship.  For £10 you can pick up a bag of salads and vegetables (let us know if you have a precise order).  This is wholesale price.  You can then sell this on to your friends at whatever cost suits you.  If you want to take a larger amount we can do bigger orders.  Please contact Joe: 07970784958  or email JOSEPH KREFT [email protected]


 Pick your Own – For £2 per week set up as a standing order, you can come by once a week and fill a carrier bag with as much as you like. You couldn’t get a better deal anywhere NOT EVEN growing it yourself. Please contact Juliet on [email protected]