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Planting trees for World Peace

We are excited to announce that this year we have initiated a project to plant trees for World Peace.

Not only are trees a symbol of 0ur commitment to the future but are also vital in our quest to stabilize the climate as they are able to fix a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere. Planting trees is very therapeutic and sitting underneath them is deeply healing.  “Just what the doctor ordered!”

On every count, a tree is a great investment into our future, our health and well being and we hope that you will enjoy this new aspect of the Gardens.

The idea is that we will plant a double line of trees, creating an avenue in the six acre field, bending around the Healing Spring which lies at the centre of the field.  Each tree will be dedicated to a country of the world and we will be inviting participants to adopt a tree. In this respect, we are holding an intention for world peace.  The information about how this will unfold will be available in a little while soon and it will enable people to participate in this project in a way that is contributing to these intentions.

The trees will look really beautiful in the field and and provide a wonderful avenue to go down to the spring from Healing Waters Sanctuary and from the Healing Gardens House on the other side of the field.  It will make it a lovely space for going to have a picnic and to sit and enjoy the nature and serenity of the field.

We aim to combine this with developing the field as a wild flower meadow and have also started this process by planning mowing the field and cutting hay in the late summer to encourage the growth of wild flowers.  More to be said about this in the future also.

Healing Waters Sanctuary and the Healing Gardens are part of the World Peace Gardens Network

Planting Trees for World Peace

Planting Trees for World Peace