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Having fun in the Healing Gardens Glastonbury

Healing Garden Hens, mostly 177-2

One of the most precious things that human beings cherish is a healthy, strong loving community.

A major objective of Healing Gardens is to build such community and I am proud to say that we are having quite a success with this.  We have a lot of fun and sharing together as members of Healing Gardens Cooperative.

Today we enjoyed a lovely picnic in the Gardens.  First we all worked together on the different projects happening in the gardens and then we lit the cob oven and put in the potatoes to bake.  Zoe took the time to build a rocket stove today which she then lit, which means that we can now boil a kettle to make that important elixir of life known as tea.  Joe came with a lovely selection of foods made using some of the ingredients from the gardens and we all enjoyed a relaxed meal together in the late afternoon sun.

If you would like to drop in on us for one of these special days, do email us at [email protected]